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Well, my job at Abbotsford airport will evaporate on May 28th. Half the crew is made redundant.

It is probably a good thing since I was driving 50 miles a day to earn $66.00.

I will now have some time to sort out my writing.


Signing On Again

It has been some months since I wrote on this blog.

I started a job in January that took and continues to take too much of my time. I needed to earn some money to help pay a large unanticipated bill.

In doing so my writing efforts ground to a slow crawl--slower than a snail's pace. Oh, I did a bit here and there but not what I wanted to do.

I am looking at reducing the hours I am working and spend much more time writing.

My next novel sits patiently, partially done, on my desk. I keep thinking about it and want to finish it.

Signing Off

I am signing off this blog.

I may return sometime but then maybe not.

My thanks to those who have read some of this stuff.

Thank you.

Progressing on Cornelia

I continue to progress on The Cornelia Barkman Murders.

I am now at 40,000 words and pleased with how things are shaping up but there is lots of work still to do.